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My name is Terry Rincon and I am a personal Tax Preparer and a Notary Public.

I specialize in Tax Preparation services for singles filers, heads of households, families, and individuals who are self-employed with simple and the most complex filing needs.

We service the Spanish speaking community.

Why Corner Tax Services?

Easily get you the highest tax refund, with affordable services.

Corner Taxes N’ More Premier Services

Tax Preparation Services

We Work With:

  1. Single & Joint Filers
  2. Head of Households
  3. Independent Contractors

Notary & Loan Signing

We Offer:

  1. In-House Notary
  2. Mobile Notary
  3. Traveling Loan Signing Services

Corner Merchant Services

We Offer:

  1. Next Day Funding
  2. Competitive Rates & Pricing
  3. Lifetime Warranty on Equipment

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